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Journal of Emergency Nursing
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ENA provides the gold standard of care for emergency care of patients of all ages. There
are position statements, clinical practice guidelines, and many free online resources to help you
make your ED the best it can be.

Meet and talk with others from ED’s in the surrounding area. Share ideas for problem
solving and learn from others who have experienced what you are struggling with today. Make
friends. Develop contacts at other hospitals. Have some fun and come to our fun events like an
Oriole’s baseball game, a wounded warriors picnic, or an evening out after a meeting or
Advocacy in Government Affairs
We have a very active and passionate group to advocate for emergency nurses and the
issues that every emergency department and its staff struggle with today e.g. workplace
violence, and not enough psychiatric inpatient beds. We atttend Maryland Nurses Night in
Annapolis, and Day on the Hill in DC. We meet with our senators and representatives to ask for
their support on legislation that affects emergency nursing. Last year we advocated to preserve
the ability of EMS providers to administer controlled substances in the field. November 2017
this was signed into law at a national level. It is exciting to see the impact you can have on
health care legislation.
I hope to see many of you over the next year. Please come and join us for our upcoming meetings and
events. We would love to have you! Watch the website for updates and follow us on social media.

Gail Schoolden DNP, APRN-CNS, CPEN



2018 State President

Gail Schoolden MSN RN CPEN |

2018 State Treasurer

Carolyn Sutch RN BSN CEN CPEN|

2018 State Secretary

Lena Sutch RN CEN |

2018 President-Elect


State Council Award

2018 Maryland ENA State Officers and Committees

 Gail Schoolden President
 Pam Fox President-Elect
 Carolyn Sutch Treasurer
 Lena Sutch Secretary
 Carolyn Sutch Immediate Past President
 Caroline Doyle Membership Chair
 Lisa Tenney Government Affairs Chair
 MaryAlice Vanhoy TNCC/Trauma Chair
 Margo Mancel ENPC/Pediatric Chair
 Cynthia Wright- Johnson IQSIP Chair
 Lisa Tenney Governmental Affairs Chair
 Barbara Maliszewski Fundraising Chair
 MaryAlice Vanhoy Education Chair
 Linda Arapian Delegate/General Assembly Chair
 Annabelle May Historic Archive Chair
 Gail Schoolden Elections/Nominations Chair
 MaryAlice Vanhoy Nursing Practice Chair
 Lena Sutch Web Chair
 Kaitlyn Mannon Research Committee
 Karla Nygren Board Liaison

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