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Welcome to the Mid Maryland Chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association!

Message from the 2017 MMC President

As I begin 2017 as the President of the Mid Maryland Chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association, I must take the time to thank the members who have shown their support, shared their knowledge, and continue to assist me with this new responsibility.   Mid Maryland ENA has a wonderful, dedicated group of members who are engaged, involved, and motivated to uphold the mission of ENA to advocate for patient safety and excellence in emergency nursing practice.


It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was attending my first Mid Maryland ENA meeting. The education topic was timely, and what motivated me to come to the meeting.  What I will never forget is how friendly everyone was, and how very welcome I was made to feel.  We begin each meeting (with the exceptions of the meeting after the Barbara Proctor conference and the December meeting) with an hour of education, and our chapter meeting starts immediately after the presentation. We welcome and hope to see you at our educational offerings and meetings.


We focus this year on what membership can do for you. Along with Mid Maryland Chapter’s educational meetings, you can access continuing educational credit offerings and apply for any of the many scholarships offered by the ENA Foundation at ENA.org.  Members can attend ENPC/TNCC courses, MD ENA by the Bay, Mid Maryland’s Barbara Proctor Conference, and the Annual Conference (held this year in St. Louis MO) with discounted rates.  Networking is a great way for emergency nurses to appreciate and remember that you are not alone, that others may face the same difficulties, and work together to solve problems.


If you have any suggestions on educational topics or meeting venues within our Mid Maryland Chapter area, we would like to hear from you!


Karen Vogel, BSN, RN, CEN


Recent Mid Maryland Chapter News

 Mid-Maryland Chapter Officers 2018

Karen Vogel – President  Kvogel967@yahoo.com

Kaitlyn Mannon – President Elect

Sandra Waak – Treasurer

Bradley Fernandes -Secretary kjma430@gmail.com

2018 MMC Member Special Appointments

MMC Membership Karen Vogel
MD State Council Membership Anne May
MMC ENA Memorial Conference Coordinator Sandy Waak
MMC ENA Memorial Conference Vendor Coordinator Anne May
MMC IQSIP Chairperson Pam Fox
Military Matters Chairperson Sue Sheehy
ENA Display Boards Lisa Tenney
MMC Government Affairs Members Lisa Tenner, Crystal Stitely, Sally Martin, Bradley Fernandes
MMC TNCC Instructor Faculty Linda Arapian,  Pam Fox, Sandy Waak
MMC ENPC Instructor Faculty Linda Arapian, Pam Fox, Sandy Waak
National Course Administration Faculty Committee Sandy Waak
2016 MMC General Assembly Delegates Anne May, Lisa Tenney, Linda Arapian, Lucy McDonald, Kaitlyn Aquino


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  • Frederick County
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince Georges County
  • Calvert County
  • Charles County
  • St. Mary’s County


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